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Working from home

Is your home ready for work? In the online magazine "Wirtschaftspsychologie heute", Marcel Kern talks about the psychological consequences of working from remote and what HR management can do to prevent potential harm.

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Interview for Lokalzeit Ruhr: "Enjoying one's evening without stress"

How does constant availability for work purposes affect our health and well-being? Why is it so important to really take a break from work in the evenings? In this interview, we provide a few tips for anyone who feels constantly compelled to respond immediately to emails and messages, even after work.

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Article for the Rubin magazine

Mobile devices have considerably changed the way how we work. Due to the fact that mobile devices enable us to process work-related information anywhere, for many employees, there is no need to come to the office every day. We can now quickly answer a few emails on the smartphone in the evening, and be available for questions from colleagues even when on vacation. For the RUB's Rubin magazine, we have summarized the research on the effects of after-hour availability and formulated a few practical tips on how to better protect yourself from negative consequences.

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Interview for the magazine "KURT"

In the "Sag mal Prof" column of KURT magazine, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marcel Kern explains the limits of workload that can be managed successfully and what each individual can do to stay healthy and productive at work. (German article!)

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