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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marcel Kern

Head of work unit

Room: IB 5/147
Phone: +49 234 32 - 19778
Office hours by appointment
ORCID-iD: 0000-0001-7875-664X
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M.Sc. Alexandra Seifert

External PhD candidate

Research interest: Influence of attitudes and affective states on motivation for health trainings

M.Sc. Jannick Schneider

External PhD candidate

Research interests:
– Work values, person-organization fit, and organizational identification
- Scale development and the use of machine learning in psychological research

– Schneider, J., Striebing, C., Hochfeld, K., & Lorenz, T. (2024). Establishing circularity: development and validation of the circular work value scale (CWVS). Frontiers in Psychology, 15, 1296282.
– Striebing, C., Müller, J., Schraudner, M., Gewinner, I.V., Morales, P.G., Hochfeld, K., Hoffman, S., Kmec, J.A., Nguyen, H.M., Schneider, J., Sheridan, J., Steuer-Dankert, L., O’Connor, L.T. and Vandevelde-Rougale, A. (2022). Promoting diversity and combatting discrimination in research organizations: A practitioner’s guide. In C. Striebing, J. Müller, & M. Schraudner (Eds.), Diversity and discrimination in research organizations (pp. 421–441). Emerald.

Lucia Johanneves

Student assistant

Room: IB 5/145
Phone: +49 234 32 - 22673

Former staff:


  • Julia Lindemann - Research intern from August, 2023 until September, 2023
  • Luisa Sonkol - Student assistant from September, 2022 until March, 2023